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Selling Younique


A lot of people ask and wonder how you actually Sell Younique Products.

One of the many things I love about this company is how flexible you are in selling the products.  Because people mainly sell Younique online, you do not have to worry about home parties if you do not want to.

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Also once you join Younique, you have incredible training through the company on your site showing you exactly how to be effective at selling Younique Makeup.  They walk you through how to do everything so you don’t have to be a tech wizard by any stretch to be successful at this company.

I’m going to explain some different ways that you can Sell Younique and will also answer the question, Can You Make Money Selling Younique?

So first off here are some popular ways to sell Younique.

  1.  Facebook Parties- One of the most popular ways to make money with Younique is by having a Facebook event or start a Facebook Group online and have an online party.

There are a number of ways this can play out but basically for the event, you would invite all of your Facebook friends or whoever you want to receive the event invitation and introduce others to the products through Facebook posts.

You can also start a Facebook group let’s say “Joanna’s Fabulash Party” and add people you think would be interested in the products to the group and begin posting information and pictures about Younique and the Younique Products.

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2.  You can Sell Younique in person with people using a cash and carry method or by having a home party if you want.

3.  You can have a Google Plus party for Younique and post pictures and information about where to purchase products, how the products work, etc.  through your Google Plus feed.

4.  You can have an online Google Plus Hangout party that is either live or recorded where you record a video explaining the products and talking about special features of the products as well and how they work.

5.  You could have a booth set up at a school or for a community event displaying the products, giving out samples and information, and selling products at your booth.

6.  You can use all forms of social media including twitter, Pinterest, linkedin, youtube, instagram, vimeo, and more to promote your Younique Business.

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Can You Make Money Selling Younique?

The short answer to this is YES you can!!

There are many different levels in Younique’s compensation plan.  You can make money right from the start by having online parties and making 20% profit within hours.

Another cool thing about Younique and how you get paid with Younique is through a debit card that is filled with your sales commissions within 3 hours of selling your item!

This is almost unheard of in direct selling.  Usually people have to wait weeks if not a full month before they see their first dollar.  With Younique you will get your money right away added to a card you can use anywhere that takes debit or credit cards.

You can also transfer your pay to your bank account which is a great feature as well.  I love the reward of getting paid very fast!  It also keeps people on your team excited when they see their pay come in so quick.

Making money with Younique is all up to you!  There is no limit on the amount of income you can bring in with this company.  Yes it does take work and dedication but it is very doable and many people are getting a very sizable income with this business model.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Younique?

Ok so this is really amazing to me how little the start up cost for starting your own business is with Younique!

For only $99 you can start your Younique Business!

younique kit

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This kit will get your started with your Younique business.  This is a new Younique Presenters Kit for 2016.

Start Selling Younique Now!!