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Even though the most popular product Younique offers is it’s mascara, the makeup is exceptional as well!

Younique Makeup

What are some things that make the Younique Makeup so special?

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Nature is the Inspiration Behind the Science of Younique’s Makeup
  • They use high quality ingredients without unnecessary fillers that keep their makeup compatible with every skin type.
  • Never tested on animals
  • The liners for lips and eyes are smudge proof and glide on easily
  • The BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer is lightweight, creamy, and a perfect base for the mineral powder concealers
  • The Touched Pressed Powder Foundation glides on smooth leaving an even finish
  • The mineral pressed powder is ultra fine, long wearing, and breathable.
  • The mineral base concealer powders have a lightweight matte finish with coverage. Not a caked on look
  • The Mineral Blush is 100% natural, chemical free, and free of talc, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and parabens.

A number of the products are Vegan, Paraben Free, and very close to all natural.

There are so many different face products Younique offers and they all compliment  each other.

A great way to get makeup tips and tricks are through watching makeup tutorials.

I decided to add a few videos below for you to watch that give you some great makeup ideas and how to apply it.

 Younique Makeup Tutorials

Below is an article on how to produce Makeup Tutorial Videos using your Younique Products:

How to Make Your Own Younique Makeup Tutorial Video

Makeup and cosmetics are products that are enjoyed in many countries around the world. They allow people to express themselves, freely change their appearance, enhance their natural look or even transition easily into a costume or disguise. There are many types of makeup worn worldwide, as well as many makeup styles.

Like all elements of fashion, makeup looks become trendy and then fade from popularity, while other classic looks remain steadfast. Some looks are simple and require little in the way of talent or explanation, while others are extremely complex. A lot of people who want to learn to use more complex looks turn to the Internet in order to learn to apply makeup online through tutorial videos. These tutorials can be fun to both make and use.

What Is Needed To Create A Makeup Tutorial Video?

For talented makeup artists who like to share their looks, techniques and ideas with the world, creating a tutorial that teaches others to mimic the style they demonstrate is both easy and fun. In order to create a video tutorial for applying makeup, the video’s creator would require a desktop or laptop computer as well as a webcam of decent quality, likely either one which has the capacity to record both video and audio or a separate microphone.

While text can be used in tutorial videos, many viewers prefer to hear a friendly voice when learning to apply makeup online. Text can also take up valuable screen space, which can hinder viewers from seeing what is going on in the video. Additionally, the user will need software which allows them to record footage from their webcam as well as edit it. A lot of webcams are packaged with software like this. Finally and most obviously, the makeup needed to create the look being demonstrated is necessary to have on hand.

Preparing For And Creating A Makeup Tutorial

Making a makeup tutorial video is actually much more simple than it might seem. To begin, the creator should go through the process of creating the look several times, writing down the steps as they go in order to perfect the way in which they will describe them to viewers. They should also write down and think about any additional comments they might want to add.

Practicing talking a bit and recording it on the webcam can help to ease nervousness and allow the creator to develop a stage presence of sorts. This will also help the creator to find the best angle for their camera and microphone.

When the creator is ready to record, they should do so in a fashion that is relaxed and in a place where they will not be interrupted. They should explain each step slowly and in detail. They may make mistakes or need to edit or redo certain parts of the video – this is natural.

One way to make editing easier is for the creator to pause between expressions of speech in order to create natural segues for editing. Once the tutorial is put together, it can be uploaded to one of many social sharing sites and shared with the world.
Tanya Loo is a beauty writer and writes reviews on cosmetics and makeup brushes. She also enjoys making  tutorials on nail polish and even skin care products.
Article Source: Tanya Loo -Makeup Expert

Eye Makeup Tutorial



eye makeup tutorial


Celebrity Eye

Curious (under brow).

Gorgeous (on inner corner, above crease, and outer edge). Beautiful (on upper lid).

Infatuated(on inner and lower lid).

Risque (used wet as eyebrow color).

2 Concealer colors used on face and around eyes:

Fresh and Fabulous. Topped off with 3D Fiber Lashes.