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younique Presenter

What is a Younique Presenter?

A Younique Presenter is anyone who decides to join the Younique business whether for a discount on products or to build a business and be your own boss.

To become a Younique Presenter you first have to Join under another presenter that is currently enrolled.  If you do not have another person who has introduced you to Younique, I would love to have you Join My Team!

It really is a blessing to be able to work from home and have fun on Facebook and other social media outlets telling others about the Younique business and what it is all about.

Younique Presenters Kit

Become a Younique Presenter

It’s super easy to become a Younique Presenter.

Step 1. Click on my Join Button and then login to Facebook.

Step 2. If you do not have a Facebook account you’ll need to sigh up for one.

Step 3. Register on the Younique Presenter Page and add your name to the end of youniqueproducts.com/youname

Step 4. Start a Facebook Party right away!

That’s the great thing with Younique is that because it is almost all done online you can start making money right after you sign up.

Oh..and I forgot to mention to sign up you get an awesome Presenters Kit!  The $99 fee (for USA) includes the Presenters kit for that month and your own website and some other promotional materials.

In my opinion it’s a no brainer when it comes to the value you get with the kit and the website.  Not to mention starting your own business for a very low cost.

Selling Younique

Selling Younique products can be a lot of fun!  I’ve never been involved with a company that is so empowering to women and truly has a mission they live out not just talk about.

If you like being online or know anything about social media Younique could be perfect for you.  Selling Younique is done in such a different way than most stay at home businesses because there are no home parties (unless you want to), 3 way phone calls, and weekly meetings.

Selling Younique is completely ahead of its time when it comes to marketing and branding.  The website you receive when you register as a presenter is phenomenal! Maybe that’s because the CEO used to own a major software company?!?

The sight makes it so easy to convert leads into customers and Presenters the way it is laid out and so easy to navigate.

The support you get from your Y-girls is amazing.  No matter what team your on everyone is so helpful and we want to see others succeed in this!

If your at all interested in becoming a Younique Presenter, I would love for you to join my team!


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